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Labor’s Attack – The Next Wave of Organizing?


This summer is a hot one, and we’re not just talking about the weather. Union activity is rising throughout the country and with strikes in California, Texas, Connecticut, Michigan and Illinois, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with how unions operate and weaknesses union leaders look for in a potential targets. The PSLabor Webinar series was created just for that purpose, and this edition is sure to be an eye-opener.

Inside Edge™ Training Webinar

Labor’s Attack – The Next Wave of Organizing?

In this installment of the PSLabor Webinar series, Permanant Solutions Labor Consultants President/CEO Ricardo Torres and Vice President of Client Relations Daniel Block discuss this summer’s union organization efforts. Highlights involve what weaknesses union organizers look for in targeting companies and provide suggestions for how to improve your employee relations and reduce your overall vulnerability. They provide concrete examples from their most recent campaign with a major non-profit organization in the Northeast and examine what the union’s organizing efforts meant for the company’s management and employees.

Stream the MP4 from PSLabor.com

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