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May Day Protesters Flee from Stinging Gas

May Day Protesters flee from Stinging Gas

May Day, celebrated in more than 80 countries, is a holiday that originates from the 1886 Haymarket Affair in Chicago. On this day in 1886, during an 8-hour workday protest, police retaliated to a bombing by opening fire on protesters, killing dozens -including members of their own police force.  In subsequent years protests continued to occur, making this a seminal day for those who believed that their employers were mistreating them.

Throughout the world, the working class has sought to make May Day an official holiday – and their efforts have largely succeeded. Protests and demonstrations mark the occasion, often run by Socialist, Communist and Anarchist groups around the world.

On Tuesday, thousands of people around the U.S participated in anti-Wall Street demonstrations, seen as an attempt to rekindle the Occupy Wall Street Movement that has lost ground in the last few months.

A handful of arrests were made in major cities around the nation who had tried to recapture the enthusiasm that propelled the movement last year. While the protesters and police violence were less severe compared to OWS peak rallies, this year’s May Day proved that there is still discontent from activists with anti-Wall Street sentiments.

Perhaps one of the most violent scenes between the protesters and police occurred in Oakland where several violent clashes occurred, which ultimately ended with Police firing tear gas, and flash-bang grenades to disperse crowds.

Additionally, the city of Seattle also saw violent protesters who had smashed the windows of local businesses and ran through streets disrupting the city’s traffic. Terry Collins from Associated Press called it “reminiscent of the 1999 World Trade Organization protests” but on a much smaller scale.

With talks of Big Labor and the Occupy movement teaming up, the combined hopes of rekindling the energy could mean changes in the labor environment in the coming year.  As an employer looking out at Big Labor, there is a validated concern over maintaining strong communication and keeping positive employee relations between management and employees.



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