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Union Vulnerability Index (UVI) Audit

Have you ever wondered how vulnerable you are to a union organizing campaign?  Are you aware of the financial strain and the strain that such a campaign puts on an organization?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know not only how vulnerable you are to a union attack, but to also know where the weaknesses are in your organization that would allow unions to gain a foothold on your employees?

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants (PSLabor) is now offering Union Vulnerability Index (UVI) Audits that do not only allow the executive teams of any organization to see how vulnerable to union attacks they are, but to also show with pinpoint accuracy areas of concern that unions use to their advantage when organizing a workforce.

By taking steps to build a firewall between the union and your employees, and with positive employee relations you are able to side step the possiblity of unionization as well as the added expenses and added difficulties associated with managing a unionized workforce.


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